Fitness is life

It is the state of the body on which an athlete relies on his or her own fitness and sport components, which are measured by specific devices for measuring and testing practical and comparing them to a higher level.
The individual and his physical competence to do many work without effort or fatigue.

Fitness is divided into two types:
_ General fitness
_ Special fitness (depends on individual aspects)

Proper nutrition, exercise, and adequate rest are important fitness factors.
In previous years, fitness was known for the ability to carry out daily activities without fatigue or excessive effort.
Some people nowadays believe that fitness is a measure of the body’s ability to work efficiently and effectively at work and at leisure, to provide healthy and resistant to any diseases.

There are basic elements on which fitness depends:
1_ flexibility 2_ lengthening 3_ agility 4_ muscle capacity
5_ speed 6_ balance 7_ precision 8_ muscle strength
9_ precision 10_ compatibility 11_ muscular endurance

The importance of fitness
1. Allows the individual to acquire social experiences that work towards the formation of his personality
2 – A sense of belonging to the group and the development of sound social and moral values
3 – increase the interaction of the individual in society
4. Improving the general health of the individual
5 – the development of the muscular system and reduce the prevalent diseases
6 – Improve twin and harmonious body structure and weight control
7. Increases the ability of the individual to express his psychology and to develop control over his emotions
8 – Acquiring the individual values, experiences and cognitive concepts

Health-related fitness can be measured by:
_ Measuring cardiovascular fitness:
It is one of the most important elements of fitness that are related to health in relation to the functional potential of the respiratory system. The time required to travel a specific distance by running or walking.

_ Measuring musculoskeletal fitness
Muscle strength, muscular endurance and articular elasticity are used to measure this type of laboratory or field tests. It is usually measured by the test of sitting from lying with bending the knees and for a minute as an indication of the strength of the abdominal muscles and endurance. Stretch bar from the sitting position using the flexibility boximage (2)

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